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 The Haute Dog Difference 

Haute Dog Pet Spa - Not Your Typical Dog Grooming Salon

At Haute Dog Pet Spa, we do things just a little bit differently than the other dog grooming salons.  

We believe all of these little differences add up to a much better, more enriching experience for our human customers; as well as a safer, more fun environment, and an “I feel like I’m at home” vibe for our canine guests.

While not comprehensive, this section details some of those little differences that we think make Haute Dog the best dog grooming salon in Lakeway


 Your Dog Comes First 

Haute Dog Pet Spa takes a dog-centric approach to every aspect of our business - from the organic, tear-free, dog-safe products, to the design of our 2,350+ square foot Lakeway facility, to the experience and expertise of our Dog Groomers, Dog Bathers, and Front Desk team. 

Haute Dog is owned by Cheri, a Master Groomer with over 20 years of dog grooming experience.  The vast majority of the dog groomers at Haute Dog have between 7-10 years experience; where we do have groomers with less experience, these individuals work is overseen and guided by a more experienced groomer.  

Our goal for every single one of our canine customers is their safety, well-being, and the quality of the final Groom, Trim or Bath.


 Get Your Dog Groomed Now 

Most dog grooming salons just can't accommodate more than a handful of customers each day; so, when you call to make an appointment, you're told their next opening is next week.  Or next month.  Or longer 

Why wait? Haute Dog Pet Spa offers Same Day / Next Day service for your dog's Groom, Trim or Bath.

Generally speaking, if you call or book online before 2:00pm, we can get your dog in today; if we've booked up for the day, chances are we can get your dog in as soon as tomorrow.  

Please note that during super crazy busy times - like, the week before Thanksgiving, or Christmas - we'll book up a bit faster.  


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy? 

We'll fix it. 

It's that easy. 

Just call us, let the Front Desk team know that you'd like to speak with one of our managers, and we'll take it from there.  


 Grooming ≠ Haircuts 

A Dog Groomer is to a Dog, as a .... 

Go ahead - fill in the rest of the analogy.  A Dog Groomer is to a Dog, what a Hair Stylist is to a Human.

Except, that's not quite right, is it?

Yes, we do clean and style your dog's coat.  But a professional dog groomer - and, even more specifically, a Haute Dog Groomer - is so much more than just a hair stylist for dogs.  

Aside from you and your family, and possibly your Veterinarian, your Haute Dog Groomer is more intimately familiar with your dog than anyone else. 

Often times the first inclination a dog's human receives that their furry best friend may need additional assistance - with diet, a skin condition, their eyes, ears, feet, muscle tone, energy level, overall mood, etc - is when their Groomer points out a change in how your dog looks, feels, or behaves.  Also - more often than not - it's the Groomer who has a solution or recommendation for your dog which saves you that trip to the Vet; or, ensures that you do get your dog to the Vet in a timely fashion.  

A Dog Groomer is to a Dog, what a Nurse Practitioner is to a Human.


That's a much better analogy, and a more apt description of the approach and intimacy your Haute Dog Groomer has with your beloved family member


 Organic, Tear-Free, Dog-Safe Products 

When it comes time to get your dirty dog clean again, most salons use the cheapest shampoos, conditioners and facial cleansers.  

These low-grade products won't clean your dog, and can actually damage your dog's skin and eyes.  

Haute Dog Pet Spa uses only the best organic, tear-free products for your dog. 

This next part is going to sound a little intense, but we know our products are tear-free, because we tested them.  


On ourselves.  


Yes, seriously.


 A New Approach to De-Matting 

We believe in taking the time to get your dog's style right. 

​Many grooming salons would rather go the easy route and just shave a matted dog, rather than take the time to brush the matts out

​Haute Dog's Groomers are committed to getting your dog's styling right - even if it means spending extra time doing so. 

​We can't even begin to relay all of the horror stories we've heard about unnecessary shave-downs at other salons.  Don't get us wrong - sometimes, shaving a dog down is the only way to deal with stubborn matts.  

Generally speaking, though, brushing the matts out is a viable solution.  Any time we do need to shave a dog down, we'll get your permission first


 Widest Range of Services 

It starts with the simplest of things; Full Service Dog Groom means full service.  Our grooms include the bath - with organic, tear-free, dog-safe facial cleansers, shampoo & conditioner - drying, nail trim and/or grinding, gland expression, and styling based on either standard breed patterns or to your own personal exacting specifications.   We include things most other grooming salons charge extra for with our grooms.

From there, we just keep goingBaths - of course, the usual suspects (Deshed, Deskunk, Deflea), but also Medicated and Hypoallergenic, for our allergy-prone canine clients.  Mud Bath & Massage for our elderly dogs. 

Coloration!  That way you and your pooch can have fun on St. Patrick's Day, or Halloween, or when your favorite team makes the playoffs.  

Shave Downs.  But what if my dog is pelted - where the hair is basically completely matted.  Ever hear of a wet shave?  No?  Most dog groomers haven't.  We do that, too.  

Hand Stripping and Hand Scissoring.  That's a tough one for most dog grooming salons - but, we have a Master Groomer, and the single best Dog Grooming team ever assembled - so we offer both.  Want your Standard Poodle to have a show cut, like you're about to enter the WestminsterWe got you.  


 Family Owned. Locally Owned. Groomer Owned. 

Haute Dog Pet Spa is the premiere boutique dog grooming, health & beauty salon in Lakeway, TX.  

Haute Dog was founded in 2018 by Cherylynn - who has professionally groomed and cared for dogs for over two decades - a Master Groomer with experience in grooming and grooming salon management across the Midwest and Southwest. 

Haute Dog Pet Spa is the literal definition of locally owned.  We are not a franchise owned by people who live in a different city; we are not a giant, faceless corporationWe live, work, and raise our family in this community.  

Cheri and everyone at Haute Dog Pet Spa are dedicated to providing you and your Fur Babies the highest quality grooming, luxury pet spa treatments, and dog health & beauty products.  

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