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Each dog is bathed with our all-organic shampoo & conditioner, tear-free blueberry facial cleanser, then fluff-dried.  We cleanse their ears, express glands, and trim their nails using our "quick"-free filing approach. 


We then apply the coloration to your specifications, and wash your dog a second time once the dye has set.


Coloration can be a single solid color, various multiple colors, shapes, patterns - the only limit is your imagination.  

​Your Fur Baby's coat can be styled and colored according to standard breed patterns and/or your personal preferences.


Let Your Imagination Run Wild

  • Full bath, using all-organic shampoo & conditioner

  • Coloration using animal-safe hair dye, with a second full bath once the dye has set

  • Tear-Free Blueberry, Berry or Plum facial cleanser

  • Nail trim & file using our "quick"-free filing technique

  • Gland expression

  • Ear Cleaning

  • For Dog Groom + Coloration, coat styled based on breed standards and/or preferences

All Dog Colorations Include:

Add-on services are available

These can be requested at the time of service, or selected individually when booking online. 


Optional services include: 

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Treatments such as Deshed, Deskunk, or Deflea / Pest Control

  • Calming, relaxing massages during your dog's bath - combined with our Madra Mor Mud Bath

  • Purrdy Nails (colored nail veneers); we offer a wide variety of colors for your dog's nails

  • Canine-formulated CBD Oil - perfect for calming nervous or anxious dogs

  • If your dog is matted, we can provide Brush out and Dematting of tangled, matted fur

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