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Save 10% on Grooms, Shave Downs, Trims and Baths with Any Add-On!

Haute Dog Pet Spa offers an amazing selection of luxury salon services to pamper your pooch and have them looking their best.  Choose from

  • Deshed, Deflea, Deskunk, and Medicated Treatment & Shampoo

  • Madra More Mud Bath & Massage

  • Express Service

  • Coloration

  • Teeth Brush & Spray

  • Salt Foot Soak

  • Nail Painting

  • Purrdy Nail Caps

and more!


Forever Haute

Haute Dog Welcomes Your New Family Member to their Forever Home with 15% Discounts on their First Salon Visit

If you recently adopted a rescue dog, or brought a new puppy home, Haute Dog Pet Spa would like to congratulate you and help you welcome your new addition to the family

For any Newly Rescued Dog, Haute Dog offers a 15% Discount on their first Groom, Shave Down, Bath & Trim, Bath & Deshed, or Bath & Brush. 

For any New Puppies, Haute Dog has a standard 3-visit Puppy Plan; our Puppy Plan helps introduce and familiarize puppies to the fundamentals of a day at the spa.  After your puppy has had their third Puppy visit, they're ready for their first Groom, Shave Down, or Bath.  Haute Dog is offering a 15% Discount your puppy's first full service and their 3-visit Puppy Plan.  

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