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For those dogs who are getting up in their years, or have recently recovered from a major medical procedure, we've found a luxurious Mud Bath combined with a 20-30 minute in-bath massage to be the best way to improve joint movement, relieve muscle aches and pain, and allow your Fur Baby to feel pampered

This is a great way to treat your long-time best friend to a wonderful, relaxing afternoon.


Relax & Soothe Your Pooch

  • Full bath, using Madra Mor Mud Bath

  • Relaxing 20-30 minute Massage

  • Tear-Free Blueberry, Berry or Plum facial cleanser

  • Nail trim & file using our "quick"-free filing technique

  • Gland expression

  • Ear Cleaning

All Dog Mud Bath & Massages Include:

Choose the Mud Bath That's Right for Your Dog

We offer several Specialized Mud Bath options for your dog, including: 

  • Soothing Mud. Improves dry, itchy skin, to soothe rashes, and to help prevent flaking and dandruff and promote a healthy coat. 

  • Pest Control & Relief Mud. A great option for pest removal for dogs with sensitive skin. Gentle flea & tick removal, as well as to relieve irritation from a recent pest experience. 

  • Mobility Mud to reduce joint strain and inflammation caused by age, hip dysplasia, or arthritis. 

  • De-shed Mud eliminates excessive undercoat, softens the fur, and helps treat dandruff caused by seasonal shedding.  For dogs with sensitive skin, this is a fantastic option to a standard shampoo & conditioner-based Deshed treatment. 

  • Coconut Mud is an all natural canine skin and coat cleanser, which leaves an amazing shine on your dog’s coat. 

  • Mango Mud rejuvenates the skin from the damaging effects of the environment, high levels of Vitamin A, C, E, beta carotene, and anti-oxidants leaves the skin clean, fresh, and well hydrated, thus protected. Smells amazingly delicious and leaves the coat feeling soft and light to the touch.


Add-on services are available

These can be requested at the time of service, or selected individually when booking online. 


Optional services include: 

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Purrdy Nails (colored nail veneers); we offer a wide variety of colors for your dog's nails

  • Canine-formulated CBD Oil - perfect for calming nervous or anxious dogs

  • If your dog is matted, we can provide Brush out and Dematting of tangled, matted fur

  • A trim of your dog's feet, face, sani and/or tail

  • Mud Bath & Massage is also the perfect add-on for any Full Service Dog Groom

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