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A Dog Bath + Deshed treatment is the ideal solution to dramatically reduce shedding, as well as to help keep your doggo beat the Texas heat during the Spring & Summer months.

Haute Dog Pet Spa's all-organic Deshed Treatment both hydrates the coat and skin, while thinning the undercoat - keeping your dog's natural look while removing excess hair. 

If your dog has sensitive skin, we highly recommend opting for our Deshed Mud Bath treatment.  De-shed Mud eliminates excessive undercoat, softens the fur, and helps treat dandruff and soothe irritated or sensitive skin caused by seasonal shedding.


Dramatically Reduce Shedding

  • Full bath, using all-organic Deshed, Deskunk, Deflea or Sensitive Skin shampoo & conditioner

  • Tear-Free Blueberry, Berry or Plum Facial cleanser

  • Nail trim & file using our "quick"-free filing technique

  • Gland Expression

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Coat styled based on breed standards and/or preferences

All Dog Bath + Treatment Services Include:

Add-on services are available

These can be requested at the time of service, or selected individually when booking online. 


Optional services include: 

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Purrdy Nails (colored nail veneers); we offer a wide variety of colors for your dog's nails

  • Canine-formulated CBD Oil - perfect for calming nervous or anxious dogs

  • If your dog is matted, we can provide Brush out and Dematting of tangled, matted fur

Deskunk, Deflea & Sensitive Skin Treatments

We offer dog-safe, effective solutions for Deskunk, Deflea / Pest Control, as well as hypoallergentic moisturizing shampoo & conditioner treatments for dogs with Sensitive Skin

Just select the option appropriate for your dog when booking online, and be sure to discuss your dog's specific needs with your Haute Dog Bather or Groomer

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