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Our Express service is perfect for those customers with shortened timelines, dogs who cannot be placed in a kennel, or for older dogs who need a shorter amount of time at the Spa. 

Express Grooms are typically completed in 90-180 minutes; however, please note that the duration of any Groom, Shave Down, Bath & Trim, Bath, etc depends on a wide variety of factors - including the size of the dog, complexity of the service, condition of the coat, how well behaved your dog is in the bath or on the grooming table, etc.  Your Groomer or Bather can provide a ranged estimate when you drop your dog off at the Salon. 


Fast and Furry-ous!

  • Full bath, using all-organic shampoo & conditioner

  • Tear-Free Blueberry, Berry or Plum facial cleanser

  • Nail trim & file using our "quick"-free filing technique

  • Gland expression

  • Ear Cleaning

  • For Express Dog Groom, coat styled based on breed standards and/or preferences

  • Dogs receiving Express Dog Groom or Express Dog Bath services do not spend any time in a kennel

All Express Grooms & Baths Include:

Add-on services are available

These can be requested at the time of service, or selected individually when booking online. 


Optional services include: 

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Treatments such as Deshed, Deskunk, or Deflea / Pest Control

  • Calming, relaxing massages during your dog's bath - combined with our Madra Mor Mud Bath

  • Purrdy Nails (colored nail veneers); we offer a wide variety of colors for your dog's nails

  • Canine-formulated CBD Oil - perfect for calming nervous or anxious dogs

  • If your dog is matted, we can provide Brush out and Dematting of tangled, matted fur

  • Express Dog Bath customers can add a Feet / Face / Sani / Tail trim


Booking Express Grooms & Baths

Express Grooms and Express Baths are typically performed in the early morning; with dogs arriving between 8:00am - 10:00am.  We'll ask that you please target the morning hours when booking your Express Groom or Express Bath; if you book for an afternoon or late afternoon appointment, we may call you to help reschedule. 

During peak scheduling activity (eg, before or during any major holiday), we sometimes shut down our online booking for Express Grooms & Baths.  If you'd like to book an Express Groom and/or Express Bath, and don't see any available appointments, please call us at (512) 518-3909, and a Haute Dog Team Member will help you book your appointment. 

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