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A day at Haute Dog Pet Spa is the best day your dog will have all week - but it can be a daunting experience for your new puppy

We offer a Puppy Bath & Trim service to help introduce your new family member to the experience of being at the groomers, to help ensure that as they grow they'll be as excited about their day at the spa as you are!

Our Puppy Bath & Trim service consists of three shortened Salon sessions.  Each Puppy Bath & Trim session lasts approximately 60 to 120 minutes; we’ll help you schedule your next two sessions approximately 2 weeks apart.  


Your Puppy's First Salon Experience


During each session we introduce your puppy to the grooming basics

Your puppy will receive a bath, with light shampoo and conditioning treatment; we'll clean their ears, and clean around their eyes; we'll clean their paws and introduce them to nail trimming and filing; do gland expression; and trim their sanitary areas. 

If the puppy is amenable, we'll introduce facial trimming while cleaning around their eyes.

All Puppy Baths & Trims Include:

Puppies Will Be Puppies!

The real benefit to our Puppy Bath & Trim approach is as your puppy becomes an adult dog, they'll already have been familiarized with their special day at the Dog Groomer’s, and will be as excited about their visit to Haute Dog as you are!

Puppies should be older than 3 months and younger than 6 months.  The Puppy Bath & Trim is generally three sessions scheduled at 2-week intervals.  Once you've booked your first Puppy Bath & Trim session online, we will work with you on scheduling the follow-up appointments.

Please note that services rendered during a Puppy Bath & Trim can vary depending on how amenable your puppy is to the experience - we may be able to do a full bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, and a light trim - and we may not.  Puppies will be puppies!

Lastly, the Puppy Bath & Trim does not include a groom / hair cut - if you'd like a full service groom for your puppy, please book a Full Service Groom.  Thank you!

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