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We take a pragmatic approach to Shave Downs - allowing your Fur Baby to avoid overheating while keeping aspects of their coat and styling in-tact.

In addition to preventing overheating during the long summer months, Shave Downs are also the fastest way to resolve matted coats

Each dog is bathed with our all-organic shampoo & conditioner and tear-free blueberry facial cleanser


We cleanse their ears, express glands, and trim their nails using our "quick"-free filing approach. 


Help your Best Friend Beat the Texas heat

  • Full bath, using all-organic tear-free shampoo & conditioner

  • Tear-free Blueberry, Berry or Plum Facial cleanser

  • Nail trim & file using our "quick"-free filing technique

  • Gland expression

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Coat thinned / shaved while pragmatically retaining as much of the standard breed styling pattern and/or your styling preferences as is possible.

All Shave Downs Include:

Add-on services are available

These can be requested at the time of service, or selected individually when booking online. 


Optional services include: 

  • Teeth Cleaning

  • Treatments such as Deshed, Deskunk, or Deflea / Pest Control

  • Calming, relaxing massages during your dog's bath - combined with our Madra Mor Mud Bath

  • Purrdy Nails (colored nail veneers); we offer a wide variety of colors for your dog's nails

  • Canine-formulated CBD Oil - perfect for calming nervous or anxious dogs

  • Small (1-15 lbs)

  • Medium/Large (16-70 lbs)

  • Extra Large & Up (71+ lbs)

Pelted Dogs

It happens sometimes; a dog's matting, gone unchecked and unattended, can lead to pelting.  Pelting occurs when matted hair merges at the level of the skin, and essentially becomes a single, completely tangled mess.  

Pelting isn't just an aesthetic issue; the level of pressure a pelted coat can put on your dog's skin can cause real pain, and a pelted coat dramatically increases the risk of secondary health issues, such as fungal and pest infections.

In the instance where a dog's coat becomes pelted, a Shave Down is the best solution for restoring your dog's coat, allowing it to grow back out to its former beauty. 

The best way to prevent your dog from becoming pelted is regular Grooming, with regular Bath & Brush services in-between your dog's grooms.  Be sure to consult with your Haute Dog Groomer to schedule regular grooming and bath & brush appointments. 

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