Subscribe to our Unlimited Daycare program online here, or in-person at our Boarding & Doggy Daycare ResortClick here for Daily and Hourly Doggy Daycare options.  Ring us at (512) 520-4133 if you have any questions! 


2,500 sqft Open Play Facility

Separate Area for Smaller Dogs

Wonderful Play Groups

Dog-Friendly Environment

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our Boarding and Daycare business, we have unfortunately had to close our Resort. 

Our Spa for Grooming, Bathing & Self-Wash is still open.  

Please call us at 512-518-3909 for recommendations on alternate Boarding & Daycare accommodations, thank you. 

Unlimited Daycare

Daycare: Unleashed

Unlimited Daycare is a monthly daycare subscription plan which allows your dog unlimited use of Haute Dog’s Pet Resort’s Doggy Daycare facility.  

  • Flexibility.  Our Unlimited Daycare plan gives you access to Doggy Daycare anytime, for as long as you want, Monday - Thursday from 7:00am - 7:00pm

  • Open Play.  2,500 sq ft Indoor, Temperature Controlled Facility

  • Room to Roam. 2 Acres of Hiking Trails, with Walks Every ~2 Hours

  • Safe for Smalls.  Separate Play Area for Little Dogs (under 15lbs)

  • Play Time.  Your Dog Will Be Assigned to a Friendly Play Group; All Play Groups are Guided by a Haute Dog Pet Care Specialist

  • Experts in Animal Health & Behavior.  All Haute Dog Pet Care Specialists are either Vet Technicians; College Students with a Major in Veterinary, Zoology or Animal Science; or are Certified Dog Trainers

Subscribers to Unlimited Daycare can also select from any of these add-ons to the base Unlimited Daycare package. 

Unlimited Weekends.  Add Unlimited Weekends to your Unlimited Daycare plan. Includes Friday - Sunday, 7am-7pm. 

Unlimited LateCare.  Add Unlimited LateCare to your Unlimited Daycare plan.  Expands Daycare availability to include 7p-12a (midnight), Monday - Friday.  If Unlimited Weekends has also been selected, includes 7pm-11pm, Friday - Sunday.  

Basic Training Package.  Add Basic Dog Training to your Unlimited Daycare Plan.  Includes One Half Hour of basic training & command reinforcement per week, up to 2 hours per month.  Perfect for puppies and recently rescued dogs!


Behavior Assessment for all new Unlimited Daycare applicants (required)

Before you and your Fur Baby subscribe to our monthly Unlimited Daycare plan, we'll need to meet them!  The Unlimited Daycare Behavior Assessment allows our Pet Care Specialists the opportunity to ensure that your dog will get along well with our current doggy daycare guests, our staff, and also allows your dog to meet everyone before their first day of school! 


Our Assessment will determine if your dog is ranked a Tier 1 or Tier 2 dog, which in turn helps determine the level of care, activity, and play groups your dog will require during Daycare. 


Once your Assessment has concluded, you can sign up for Unlimited Daycare Tier 1 or Tier 2 with your desired add-ons (Weekends, Late Care, Basic Training and Advanced Training).


Initial Behavior Assessments last 4-6 hours; you can schedule your Assessment online or call us at (512) 520-4133; please ask for a Pet Care Specialist when you call.  

Tier 1 vs 

Tier 2

What is the difference between Tier 1 and tier 2? 

We use a set of simple metrics to determine the level of care and type of play group your dog will work best with while at Daycare.  

Our Tiered system is very straightforward; below is a basic breakdown of how the two Tiers differ from one another.  

Tier 1: A dog who is generally well behaved, calm, gets along well with staff and other dogs, and well mannered. 

Tier 2: A highly energetic dog who is generally well behaved, gets along well with staff and other dogs, but requires additional staff oversight and management due to their energy level. 


Your dog's Tier will be determined during their Assessment.   Please note that your dog's Tier designation may change over time; a six-month old puppy designated Tier 2 may demonstrate reduced energy levels by age 18 months, and be reassigned to Tier 1.  Conversely, an eight year old dog designated Tier 1 may require additional staff attention as they age, and be designated Tier 2. 

Lastly, please note that some dogs may be designated Tier 3; this indicates that your dog would benefit from additional training & socialization before subscribing to Unlimited Daycare.  If your dog is rated as a Tier 3, we will arrange to have a one-on-one consultation with a Haute Dog Trainer.  

Subscription Selections

Unlimited Daycare Plan Options

Once your dog has finished their Assessment, you may select your Unlimited Daycare plan.  You can pay online here, or sign up in person at our Pet Resort. 

Unlimited Daycare (M-Th) is required; you may also select any of our optional add-ons, including Unlimited Weekends (F-Su), Unlimited LateCare (which adds 7:00p - 11:00p to any Unlimited Daycare plan), and our Basic Training package (a fantastic option for puppies and rescue dogs!).  


Whether you choose to sign up online or in person, we will have a Contract for you to fill out; this will be done in person at our Pet Resort.  


For any Unlimited Daycare plan, there is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee.  You can pay the one-time registration fee online on this page (below) or in-person at our Pet Resort.  Please also note there is a $15 per month Supply Fee added to every Unlimited Daycare subscription. 

If you have any questions, please ring us at (512) 520-4133.  

Before you and your Fur Baby subscribe to our monthly Unlimited Daycare plan, we'll need to meet them! The Unlimited Daycare Assessment allows our Pet Care Specialists t...
Unlimited Daycare - Assessment
4 hr