The Hautest Styles

Treat your Fur Baby to a Full-Service Groom.  Each dog is bathed using our advanced bathing system and all-organic, tear-free shampoo & conditioner, then fluff-dried.  We cleanse their ears, express glands, and trim their nails using our "quick"-free filing approach. 

Your Fur Baby's coat can be styled according to standard breed patterns and/or your personal preferences.

A Bath & Neaten is the perfect option for dogs who just need to be tidied up, or between Full Service Grooming to allow the original styling to last longer. 


So Cool It's Haute

Keep your Fur Baby comfortable in the Texas heat with a Deshed and/or Shave Down.

Haute Dog's all-organic, tear-free Deshed Treatment both hydrates the coat and skin, while thinning the undercoat - keeping your dog's natural look while removing excess hair which can cause your Fur Baby to overheat during the late Spring and Summer months. 

We take a pragmatic approach to Shave Downs - allowing your Fur Baby to avoid overheating while keeping their coat and styling in-tact.  Our approach also helps prevent pesky sticker burrs from affecting your dog's coat during the Spring and Summer months.  


Haute Tub

Haute Dog Pet Spa is committed to using all organic, tear-free shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, and deshed treatments.  


Our advanced dog bathing system infuses oxygen, all-organic tear-free shampoo & conditioner and warm water.  This approach permeates your dog's coat and reaches its skin, creating a relaxing and superb bathing experience. 


The Next Level of Gorgeous

Nail tips are trimmed and smoothed using a filing approach which ensures we never damage the dog's "quick".

We gently clean out any excess hair/fur between the pads and toes, and apply a moisturizing treatment on the cuticles, nails, and the skin of the pads.

A salt foot soak can help remove any funguses, alleviate sore feet, arthritis, excessive licking, and irritation caused by allergies. 

We offer quick-drying nail polish with a wide palette of choices to add to your haute dog style.


Pamper Your Pooch

Add a Calming and Relaxing Massage to any Bath service to reduce tension, improve movement and refresh your Fur Baby's energy.

Luxury Facials with our irritation-free Blueberry and Plum Facial Cleansers to remove streaks and stains and soften your pet's facial fur.

Specialized Mud Baths provide a deeper, more enriching clean and experience

  • Moisturizing Mud. Improves dry, itchy skin, to soothe rashes, and to help prevent flaking and dandruff and promote a healthy coat; 

  • Pest Control Mud. Gentle flea & tick removal, as well as to relieve irritation 

  • Mobility Mud to reduce joint strain and inflammation caused by age, hip dysplasia, or arthritis

  • De-shed Mud eliminates excessive undercoat, softens the fur, and helps treat dandruff caused by seasonal shedding


Prevent Hounditosis

We use an enzyme-based toothpaste and breath spray combo which cleans and freshens your Fur Baby's teeth.  


The enzymes break down tartar and help to eliminate the bacteria which cause hounditosis, leaving your dog's breath smelling great for longer. 


Keep Calm and Wag On

For dogs with high anxiety about spending a relaxing day at the spa, we've had great success with our canine-specific CBD Oil products - even with dogs other grooming salons have deemed "ungroomable".  

Haute Dog's CBD Oils are all-natural and specifically formulated for canine use, and can replace the need for sedatives and muzzles. 

If your Fur Baby gets anxious at the groomers, ask a Haute Dog Groomer about our CBD Oil options for your next Grooming, Daycare or Boarding appointment. 


Ease Into Grooming Day

A puppy typically isn't ready for a full day at the groomer's - their energy level, patience, and focus are just too, well... puppy (awwww).  

Haute Dog's Puppy Plan training approach  incrementally teaches your new lovable Fur Baby all about their exciting day at the Spa. 


We take the stress out of the visit and make the afternoon fun and enjoyable, while still achieving the health and style goals you're looking for.

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